Constantia Flexibles wins three prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards

17 April 2024

The company strikes multiple times with its mono polyethylene (PE) family EcoLam.

Constantia Flexibles has been recognized with three prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards, celebrating their outstanding sustainable packaging innovations, which include the remarkable EcoLamHighPlus, a mono-material laminate boasting exceptional barrier properties, and EcoLam, also a mono-PE substrate.

Securing victories in the categories of ‘Packaging Materials and Components,’ ‘Household,’ and ‘Health and Personal Care’ underscores Constantia Flexibles’ expertise and innovation capabilities in the industry.

These groundbreaking solutions are designed to replace non-recyclable packaging across various applications, from wet wipes to fabric softener pouches. One of these awards is shared with a customer, marking a significant achievement in advancing sustainable packaging and promoting recyclability within the industry.

“Winning the WorldStar Award three times reflects our commitment to innovation, more sustainable flexible packaging solutions, and thriving brand collaborations. We are very proud of this triple award, as it also showcases the versatility and performance of our EcoLam product family.”, stated Marc Rademacher, Executive Vice President Consumer Commercial at Constantia Flexibles.

EcoLamHighPlus: two categories conquered

Constantia Flexibles won with its mono-material superstar EcoLamHighPlus in both the Household and Health & Personal Care categories. The lightweight mono polyethylene (PE) laminate is suitable for a great variety of packaging applications.

It exhibits an exceptionally strong resistance to oxygen and water vapor, nearly equivalent to a polyethylene terephthalate-aluminum-polyethylene (PET/ALU/PE) triplex laminate.

This renders it an ideal eco-friendly substitute for various purposes, including packaging for wet wipes, nuts, baby food, fruit juices, and coffee. Constantia Flexibles opted for PE as the base laminate due to its compatibility with well-established recycling systems and the existing market for recycled material (PCR).

This choice ensures its integration into the circular economy. To confirm its recyclability, the laminate underwent certification through the RecyClass validation process.

EcoLam: setting a new standard in packaging innovations

In collaboration with a customer in South Africa, Constantia Flexibles’ team has been honored with a prestigious WorldStar Packaging Award for their entry, “Comfort Fabric Softener and Sunlight Fabric Softener Pouches,” in the ‘Packaging Materials and Components’ category, marking a significant milestone in Constantia Flexibles’ history.

EcoLam, the innovative laminate used in these pouches, is a recyclable mono PE laminate that boasts great printability. It is manufactured in South Africa at the Constantia Flexibles plant Constantia Afripack and is made from oriented polyethylene (OPE), with a specialized extrusion process to facilitate easy processing of the mono-material.

EcoLam offers high optical clarity, enhanced thermal resistance, multiple sealing options, easy-tear openings, and recyclability.

The pouches also mark the debut of a fragrance release pouch for these products, enhancing the user experience by allowing customers to experience the product’s delightful scent.

Constantia Flexibles is proud to have played a pivotal role in advancing more sustainable packaging solutions and is grateful for the recognition received through the WorldStar Packaging Award.

The company’s previous accolades, the GreenStar Award and the Goldpack Award, enabled its eligibility to submit entries for the WorldStar Award.

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