Neopac wins ETMA Award for World’s Smallest Child Resistant Tube

28 June 2024

Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging and dosing applications for pharma, beauty and oral care, has received a Tube of the Year Award from the European Tube Manufacturers Association (ETMA) for the world’s smallest child-resistant tube. The company’s 10mm Polyfoil® tube with a child-resistant closure, which marks a breakthrough in both compact and secure packaging, was named the winner in the contest’s prototype category.

Slated to become the smallest tube with a child-resistant closure on the market, Neopac’s 10mm Polyfoil® tube offers exemplary product safety and consumer convenience. Further expanding Neopac’s existing child-resistant tube range, the new tubes are available in a 10mm diameter with capacities of 1-3ml. Made of certified pharma-grade materials, the tubes are suitable for liquids and creams.

Neopac’s Polyfoil® tube with child-resistant closure offers high-barrier protection for sensitive, toxic or concentrated formulas, and can be decorated via direct printing for compelling aesthetics. The long nozzle applicator, available with or without dropper insert, allows for precise dosing.The 10mm Polyfoil® tube by Neopac is exclusively available in Australia from National Resources.  

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