Peel N Pour™ Dispensing Solutions Serve Up Convenience & Cost Savings for Food Packaging

26 June 2024

Whether you’re an avid cook or someone who just enjoys a good meal, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of ingredient dispensing gone wrong. Salt that shakes out a little too fast. An overflow of syrup that drowns a stack of pancakes. The dispensing process is an important – yet sometimes overlooked – aspect of the user experience for food items like seasonings, spices, syrups, and cooking oils.

Fortunately, Peel N PourTM dispensing liners provide a convenient and affordable solution for brands looking to improve this part of the user experience through packaging innovation. Featuring a strong induction seal, easy-to-remove peel tabs, and custom orifice sizes, Peel N PourTM liners make controlling product flow a breeze.

Here are five ways Peel N PourTMliners can benefit food brands and consumers alike:

Controlled Product Dispensing:

Instead of removing the entire protective seal on food containers, consumers simply peel away a foil tab to reveal a smaller opening in the liner while the seal remains intact. The reduced orifice size allows for less product to flow through, giving consumers more control of the dispensing process.

Versatile and Convenient:

Fully customizable peel tabs and orifice sizes can be configured to reduce product flow by as much or as little as the application requires, making Peel N PourTM an ideal choice for a broad range of products – from cooking oils to syrups, flaky herbs to finely ground spices.

Improved Product Freshness:

Peel N PourTM strong induction seal prevents leaks and preserves product freshness, ensuring products remain flavorful and fresh for longer periods.

Less Wasted Product:

With better dispensing control, Peel N PourTM liners help reduce the amount of wasted food that results from pouring too much too fast.

Recycling-Friendly and Affordable:

Peel N PourTM liners use between 12% and 40% less material than plastic orifice reducers and sifter fitments, which can be difficult to recycle and more expensive to manufacture.


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