TekniPlex Launches Internal Innovation Recognition Program

23 May 2024

TekniPlex Launches Internal Innovation Recognition Program

Holland, OH – TekniPlex, a globally integrated provider of innovative solutions through materials science and manufacturing technologies, has introduced a program to recognize standout performances in product design and development. Spanning both TekniPlex’s Healthcare and Consumer Products Divisions, the company’s TeknoVation Awards shine a spotlight on particularly innovative materials science solutions and the talented professionals who help create them.

“TekniPlex already has a lengthy list of intellectual properties, a testament to the invaluable individuals who contribute to our ever-expanding portfolio of products, solutions, capabilities, and assets,” said Oscar Martin, Senior Vice President, Global Innovation for TekniPlex. “Building upon these efforts to recognize exemplary performance, the TeknoVation Awards are designed to honor transformative ideas and the diligent work that goes into bringing them to market.”

Following are the winners of the inaugural TeknoVation Awards

First Place: Market-leading PVC-free Technology for Medical Tubing Applications

TekniPlex Healthcare is a leading provider of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounds and tubing for medical device applications. These tubes are commonly used in various medical procedures for transporting fluids into and out of the body, such as IV therapy and blood transfusions. However, global market dynamics and healthcare systems trends have resulted in the investigation and implementation of strategic initiatives for PVC-free patient environments.

Second Place: High Melt Strength Foam Polypropylene Tray for Food Packaging ApplicationsTekniPlex

Consumer Products (TPCP) is a leading provider of trays for the food packaging market. Conventionally comprised of foam polystyrene, the trays are designed to package and display a variety of protein food products at supermarkets.

Third Place: ProTecSeals IHS Recyclable LinerTekniPlex

Consumer Products is a leading provider of liner solutions protecting high-leverage food products. In a packaging component niche where sustainable innovation had been lacking, TekniPlex’s ProTecSeals® Recyclable IHS Liners represent a first-of-its-kind induction heat seal solution recyclable wherever paper recycling streams are available, and compatible with conventional induction heat sealing equipment. The patent-pending liners are suitable for a wide range of bottles and jars, making them ideal for packaging products such as vitamins, supplements, protein powders, peanut butter, and other non-reactive, non-acidic dry products.


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