National Resources has a very comprehensive list of high profile Global suppliers for films and foils used in Pharmaceutical packaging. These products offer the manufacturer or contract packer exceptionally high oxygen/water barrier properties, supported by quality levels approved by most manufacturers around the world. We are able to offer the following structures:

  • Unprinted Mono, Duplex & Triplex Blister Films
  • Aclar Film
  • Unprinted Cold-form Foils sourced from Constantia –Patz, Austria.
  • Blister Foils sourced from Constantia –Patz, Austria.
  • Blood and Metabolic Bags, Tubes, Ports and Connectors.

Along with our standard range of products, we welcome any opportunity to work with the client to tailor a structure to meet your unique requirements.

Unprinted Mono, Duplex & Triplex Films

We represent Gallazzi who are a large Italian manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade films. Gallazzi are already recognized as a major Global supplier of these products.

Aclar Film

For applications requiring higher barrier properties than those traditionally offered by the Mono/Duplex/Triplex range of films, we offer a product generically termed as "Aclar". Our supplier (Tekni-Plex Inc.) is based in the USA and is at the forefront of developing ultra-high barrier films for Pharmaceutical packaging applications.

Coldform Foil

Coldform foil is widely regarded as the structure offering the ultimate in moisture and oxygen barrier levels, as well as excellent protection from light degradation. This complex structure is sourced from our principal "Pharma" foil supplier in Austria called Constantia-Patz and are generally supplied unprinted and slit to the client's web width.

Blister Foils

Constantia-Patz are also our principal supplier of unprinted 20/25 Micron Blister Foils supplied in hard temper and slit to the end users nominated width. These high quality foils offer a very high barrier to the transfer of Moisture/Oxygen/Light. They are manufactured to strict specification, in clean room facilities and have been approved by most of the major Pharmaceutical companies around the world. These products generally have print primers to facilitate problem free, high quality printing by the client. They are also available with a number of heat seal lacquer options for a superior seal of the finished package.

Retortable Trays & Lids

We are able to bring to local packers, a range of finished retortable trays and lids, used extensively in the Pet Food packaging industry. Along with a broad range of generic tray and lid designs, we can work with the end user to develop tailor-made designs.

These products are specially designed to meet the rigours of retortable packaging, and can be produced with plain or lacquered coatings, with customer specific print options available.

Label Films & Flexible Packaging Films

National Resources specialize in this field and represent some of the World's premier label substrate manufacturers.
Labels are widely used in a variety of applications. Many types are supplied:

  • BOPP – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
  • Heat sealable, cold seal, metallised for chocolate, pasta, dry foods
  • Roll fed bottle labels–mono or laminate structures
  • In-mold label films (injection)
  • Film for self-adhesive labels. White, clear, metallised, top coated
  • Hologram–clear and metallised
  • CPP – Cast Polypropylene
  • In-mold label films. Thickness up to 200 microns
  • Bag making grade. Book covering – lamination
  • Anti-fog for fresh salad and hot food packaging/lidding and printable films.

Shrinkable& Printable Films

  • PVC–low & high shrink. For tamper evident bands, labels etc.
  • PET–high shrink for full body bottle labels
  • OPS–high shrink for full body bottle labels & tamper bands (high recyclability)
  • High Barrier Films
  • BOPA – nylon, plain-shrink-PVdC coated
  • BOPA/EVOH high oxygen and moisture barrier food films
  • PVC/PE/PVdC, PVC/PVdC thermo formable films for food trays
  • Polycarbonate/PVC Films
  • Credit cards–plain & coated. Suitable for digital printing
  • Thermoforming grades
  • Lenticular films
  • Twist films for confectionery
  • Aluminium Packaging Raw Materials ( Foil/Finished Trays & lids and Closure Sheet)

Rigid Packaging

For many years, National Resources has been involved in the supply of Aluminium Foil for rigid packaging applications. With the changing demands of consumers, our market range for this industry sector has expanded to include:

  • Aluminium Closure Sheet – Plain & Lacquered
  • Plain, Coated, Lubricated and Printed Aluminium Foils for both retort and non-retort applications
  • Finished plain and/or printed retortable Aluminium Trays and Lids for the Pet-food Industry.

Aluminium Foils

Aluminium Foil has been the mainstay of the rigid packaging industry for many years. In conjunction with our suppliers, we have continued to bring innovative products into this market. We bring in a range of thicknesses from 6 micron up to 90 micron, supplied in 1XXX, 3XXX & 8XXX series Alloys, with plain, lubricated, printed and lacquered surface coating options available.

Punched Wads & Liner Tape

National Resources supplies a range of pre-punched wad and tape for container liners, onto applications used in the pharmaceutical, beverage and general packaging industry sectors. This broad range starts with simple one-piece foam liners, to pressure sensitive liners and two-piece, multi-layer printed liners with retort capability.

We proudly represent the Tri-Seal/Tekni-Plex group, recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of this product.

  • Wadding: One & Two piece Induction seal liners and Plain Foam. Supplied in tape or pre-punched wads to the client's specific requirements.
  • National Resources proudly represents Tri-Seal/ Tekni-Plex in this region.