New Invercote Touch from Holmen Iggesund

11 July 2024

Invercote Touch from Holmen Iggesund is the the exciting new member of the Invercote family. Invercote Touch is a unique, uncoated paperboard ideal for premium packaging solutions with a natural look and feel. It is designed for high-end packaging and graphical designs, where the tactile sensation of the raw material is desired. This unique product is made entirely without coatings to enhance the natural feeling without compromising the paperboard benefits.

Holmen’s mill in Iggesund developed Invercote Touch by applying over 60 years of knowledge of premium packaging customers’ requirements and listening to changing customer needs. The product uniquely provides a sensory interactive experience along with the exceptional property benefits of other Invercote products, such as strength, stiffness, and creasability.  Contact us at National Resources to find out more or to access samples for your product or application.

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