New EcoTwistPaper from Constantia

EcoTwistPaper is a new mono paper solution with excellent twist wrapping properties. It is a wax free paper content material suitable for paper recycling.

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Constantia Flexibles wins three prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards

The company strikes multiple times with its mono polyethylene (PE) family EcoLam.

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PET, PP, PE based lidding films for ready meal trays, desserts, meat trays, dips & sauces

High temperature resistant, anti-fog lidding films with several “peel” options and sealing to multiple substrates

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Enhance the look of your steak or seafood with an eye-catching high gloss look on paperboard

A highly transparent barrier skin film, made from recyclable polyolefins, securely attaches the product directly to the flat cardboard carrier, making it ideal for vertical display. A peel tab ensures easy opening. Once the product is removed, the thin lower plastic coating can be easily separated from the cardboard carrier and disposed of separately.






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