The worldview of our industry has changed significantly from what it was when National Resources was founded more than 35 years ago. Today more and more companies understand the commitment we must make to ensuring our industry is focused on sustainability.

Serious about Sustainability

The National Resources team is serious about the impact our work has on the environment, and we want to ensure that our work is contributing to a sustainable future for this industry and the people who are part of it.

Commitment to Sustainability

So, what does our commitment to sustainability mean?

  • It means that in line with our continual focus on sourcing the highest quality products, we’re also paying attention to the focus our global suppliers have on the sustainability of their materials and products.
  • This can be evident in their R&D investment around new manufacturing processes or creating more sustainable materials, as is reflected with partners such as Constantia and Cuki Cofresco.
  • In many regions, there are now emerging standards that clearly define the extent to which materials or products are sustainable and designed for a circular economy. In the EU, these include Recyclass and CEFlex.

Monitoring our Supply Chain

We are also continually reviewing and monitoring our supply chain’s commitment to an increased focus on sustainable goals across their production processes. An example of that is the investment being made by one of our largest metals suppliers, Mingtai out of South Korea, who are focused on improving their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At National Resources, we partner with some of the world’s leading sustainability innovators.  Our global partners are at the forefront of the developing sustainable products across varying substrates which encompasses environmental innovation for today and beyond.  We are committed to sourcing and supplying the most suitable sustainable packaging solutions for your business.  See below for our current sustainable packaging solutions or contact us to find out these products could suit your product application.


EcoTwistPaper is a new mono paper solution with excellent twist wrapping properties. It is a wax free paper content material suitable for paper recycling.  EcoTwist is pure paper, free of plastic films and polymer or other coatings.

EcoTwistPaper – New!

Mondi Functional Barrier Papers 95/5

Mondi functional barrier papers are fibre-based alternatives to plastic used for HFFS/VFFS.  This range of barrier papers are the perfect packaging solution, offering high strength without compromising on the environment.

Mondi Functional Barrier Papers 95/5

EcoLam range: recyclable Mono PE laminate with high barrier properties

EcoLam laminates, developed by Constantia Flexibles, are configured using several PE-based building blocks: OPE, barrier OPE, and met OPE, which in combination with the appropriate sealant PE, can give rise to structures able to substitute non-recyclable laminates such as PET/PE, PA/PE, or even PET/ALU/PE.

EcoLam range: recyclable Mono PE laminate with high barrier properties

Smoothwall aluminium trays & lids

National Resources offers an extensive range of aluminium containers and lids from Cuki Cofresco, one of  Europe’s leading manufacturers of food packagingincluding containers for food preservation, cooking and products for domestic waste management.

Smoothwall aluminium trays & lids

New 4∞ Form, by Aluflexpack – an innovative and sustainable blister pack

Aluflexpack AG develops 4∞ Form, an innovative and sustainable blister pack. 4∞ Form is a blister pack made entirely of lacquered aluminium, which means that it is perfect to recycle, has a low CO2 footprint and impressive protective properties.

Aluflexpack AG develops 4∞ Form, an innovative and sustainable blister pack

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