Smoothwall aluminium trays & lids

Cuki Cofresco: the perfect partner for presenting your food offering

More than 500 moulds of different shapes, sizes and designs

National Resources offers an extensive range of aluminium containers and lids from Cuki Cofresco, one of  Europe’s leading manufacturers of food packaging, including containers for food preservation, cooking and products for domestic waste management .

With a commitment to qualitative excellence, innovation and sustainability, Cuki Cofresco serves both the mass-consumer and professional markets.

Their aluminium product range is an excellent choice for mass-consumer and professional markets:

  • Aluminium containers are endlessly recyclable and recycling them means using 95% less energy compared to the production of the raw, extracted material, which makes aluminium a very sustainable material.
  • aluminium containers has high thermal conductivity and  high resistance to heat, the
  • It offers 100% barrier to light, fat, water, oxygen and CO2, and is completely hygienic because does not favour microbial proliferation and does not interact with the food.

Cuki aluminium trays and lids guarantee high resistance and sealing for optimal, rapid and homogeneous cooking of your food.Their lids protect your food during correct storage, as well as preventing the transmission of odours from one food to another.

Cuki presents a large variety of shapes and sizes that meets all your different needs in the kitchen. Their products range from from single portions, up to 8 portions, also including containers for sauces and rolades.

Smoothwall containers

Thanks to an innovative and patented design that combines elegance and strength, Cuki Professional has introduced a new premium line dedicated to professional users, capable of meeting all technical Ho.Re.Ca industry packaging requirements.

Tests performed using the FEM model showed that, compared to the previous Cuki model of equal thickness, the new Cuki Professional container was 17% more resistant to filling40% more resistant to side pressure and 12% more to longitudinal torsion (these last two elements refer to better performance when removing the container from the oven and during transport)

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Black Lacquered smoothwall containers & RPET lids

Cuki Professional Smoothwall Containers come in sleek black lacquered aluminum, and can be offered with internal lacquering delivering enhanced resistance to foods with aggressive pH levels or high salinity compared to untreated aluminum trays, thus preventing corrosion.

These containers can be paired with our innovative R-PET transparent lids for fresh foods and are heat-sealable with lidding films creating a MAP ( modified atmosphere package), making them ideal for convenient freezer to table ready-to-cook meals.


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Ultra-strength aluminium trays with lid

Stiffer, smoother, more resistant: with a new design that makes them unique, the Cuki Ultra-Forza aluminum trays with lid with handles have been designed with comfortable handles, making them the perfect partner for your creativity in the kitchen!

The innovative production process and the new thicker structure guarantee even more consistency and functionality. You will thus be able to count on always optimal, fast and homogeneous cooking, making the most of the product’s qualities.

To ensure a reliable and controlled grip, Cuki has designed the new internal ergonomic handles, designed to allow you to transport your preparations with maximum ease and safety.

The Cuki Ultra-Forza aluminum trays with lids and handles are patented and unique: the innovative technology allows you to attach the lid more easily and reopen the tray more quickly and safely, obtaining better preservation in the fridge and freezer.

The Cuki Ultra-Forza aluminum trays with lids and handles are completely recyclable

 Available formats

  • Cuki Rectangular aluminium trays with extra thick lids for 6 portions – 2 pc

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Extra Aluminium Trays

The Cuki Extra Trays are made with a particular innovative production technology and in extra-thick aluminium, to ensure exceptional consistency and sealing of the container as well as optimal cooking of the food.

Rectangular or round, the Cuki Extra Tray Trays in aluminum have unique characteristics, making it possible to make the most of them for more homogeneous cooking, for the preparation of cakes or for transporting pizzas or tarts to a friend’s house. The increased thickness will guarantee its success.

The Extra Aluminum Oven Trays, ideal for baking pizzas and tarts, also have a feature that differentiates them from the other trays in the range: thanks to their maxi size (44 centimeters wide) and reinforced edges, they adapt to the oven guides for make cooking more convenient.

 Available formats

  • Rectangular aluminum trays with increased thickness for 8 portions – 2 pcs
  • Rectangular aluminum trays with increased thickness for 4/6 portions – 2 pcs
  • Rectangular aluminum baking trays with increased thickness 44 x 32 cm for 16 portions – 2 pcs
  • Professional round non-stick triple thickness aluminum cake pan Ø30 cm – 1 pc
  • Professional round non-stick triple thickness aluminum cake pan Ø26 cm – 1 pc

Additionally Cuki also manufacture and extensive range of Circular and Square Coupelles- smoothwall aluminium trays.


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