PE or PP Films for Ready Meal Tray Production

At National Resources, we specialize in providing lidding films designed to securely seal containers across various substrates commonly used in ready meal production, including APET, CPET, Paperboard and pulp, ALU, as well as PP and PE.

Our range of lidding films offers versatile solutions suitable for transitioning from freezer to oven or microwave, catering to diverse sealing requirements such as peelable seals, lock seals, or variations in between.

Additionally, our lidding films can be customized with supplementary layers to enhance barrier properties, strength, or film clarity, tailored to meet your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements further.

Focused on what matters most:

  • Shelf life of the product
  • Individual solutions in consideration of food cooking requirements
  • Optics & haptics to create or enhance brand identity
  • Convenience and functionality
  • Sustainable packaging solutions

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Film Conversion Services

Seeking efficiency and precision in your packaging solutions?

Partnering with a leading film converter, we offer a slitting and rewind service for our stock plastic, paper, and foil master rolls into customized widths and lengths tailored to your exact requirements.

Our trusted collaboration ensures that each roll is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology, delivering optimal performance and minimizing waste.

Discover the power of partnership in enhancing your packaging process with our dedicated film conversion service.

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