Recyclable fibre-based dispersion packaging material – EVO-JAZZ

Recyclable and compostable packaging for consumer food packaging &  take away meals.

Turning to natural polymers is an ideal way to protect food on the go and the environment at the same time. The food we consume on the go tends to be greasy fast food, such as hamburgers, French fries or salads with oily dressings. To be fit for fibre recycling the package should be cleaned, but this is seldom an option as you are on the go. Even if the takeaway food is eaten at home, few consumers will bother to scrub the packaging and sort it for recycling.

Most food items, especially those with a high fat content, need some form of barrier properties to hinder leakage. This barrier has typically been a plastic barrier, but separating the plastics from the fibre content is not always possible due to differing recycling infrastructure. This can be overcome with dispersion coating.

Walki apply water-based barrier dispersion onto the paper to avoid fatty components from migrating into the packaging, causing visible staining. They are now using dispersion components that have been historically used in paper manufacturing in a novel way, and this significantly increases the recyclability of the packaging as they do not have separate the whole polymer structure as you have to do with a PE film.

Therefore, the consumer can throw the packaging in the bin for recycled paper as the amount of paper material in the packaging is up to 90%.

The Walki®Jazz solution has a barrier that is ideal for take away and fast food that you eat shortly after purchase.

The Walki®EVO range comes with heat sealability properties, water vapour barriers and longer shelf-lives. The EVO range is also perfect for so called secondary packaging such as pouches containing already packed chocolate bars.

The pouch needs mechanical strength and good runnability on packaging lines. That can all be achieved with Walki®EVO barrier papers.

The extensive range of paper and fibre-based options from Walki includes:

  • PAPER + PE
  • PAPER + Special heatseal polymers
  • PAPER + PEEL coating

Ideal for dry & dehydrated food pouches and sachets, heat-sealable sachets, pouches and food wraps:

High barrier pouches without alufoil-aluminium replacement with metallized film or high barrier coating include

  • WalkiSeal M – paper/ PE/ Met.OPP-film/ PE
  • WalkiSeal PET – paper/ PE/ Met.PET-film/ PE
  • WalkiSeal HB – paper/ PE- EVOH-PE
  • WalkiSeal Film HB – paper/ PE- EVOH-PE/ PE-film

Ideal for:

  • Snacks, potato chips, peanuts,
  • Bakery products
  • Dry soup, spices, pudding powders
  • Caramel sugar, soluble coffee, tea etc.

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Dispersion paper for packaging of fish and meat, take away and fast food with short shelf life, as well as packaging of fruits and vegetables.

It can also be used as cheese wrap. Dispersion layer gives reasonable barrier properties for a short period of time.

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Dispersion board for packaging of confectionary products for a short period of time.

The dispersion layer gives the packed product reasonable barrier properties for the end use.

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Walki®Jazz Heat

Dispersion board for packaging of ready meals. The packaging can be heated in microwave or conventional oven.

The dispersion layer gives reasonable barrier properties for the packed product .

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Walki®EVO Line

Water barrier liner for corrugated boxes for packaging of bakery products.

The barrier gives the packed product reasonable barrier properties for the end use.

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Walki®EVO Seal

Dispersion paper with barrier properties for bread pouches gives breathability to the pouch and extends the packed products shelf life. Dispersion paper is also suitable for  packaging of frozen food products. The dispersion layer provides reasonable barrier properties for the paper and optimized recyclability


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