Aluminium & laminated, recyclable Tubes for medicines & creams

Five EcoDesign pillars-Recycling friendly, recycled content, renewable resources, reduced material and product safety.

Packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and dental industries must satisfy the most stringent of requirements in terms of hygiene and safety as well as aesthetics plus ease of use.

Neopac is a leading packaging manufacturer of Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes for 1 – 300 ml capacities with production sites in Switzerland and Hungary.

Ready for Recycling

Europe’s first fully approved Mono-material-Barrier tube

  • Recyclass Technology and Product Approval.
  • APR Critical Guidance Recognition (CGR)
  • Cyclos Recognition >95% recyclability

Eco-Stripped Tube Eliminates excessive material

Save up to 30% virgin material on Mono and Coex tube variants, by undressing your tube from excessive material and drive your brand towards sustainability.

No excessive material, only the essentials!.

The EVOH suits well for oxygen sensitive bulk high-performance laminate, made with a first-of-its-kind adhesive laminated process compared to the existing blown film and extruded film solutions on the market. Compared to our standard range, we use up to 35% less plastic in the sleeve which reduces the CO2 end of life by up to 47%.

Neopac combine their expertise in functional high-barrier technologies with esthetical features that makes their Polyfoil® tubes still unique in protection and look.

They are now building, a whole range of EcoDesign tubes, with the next generation recyclable barrier tubes with unique esthetic properties:


Recycled tubes are combined with recycled plastic up to a level of 70%, so they contain 64% PCR material, one of the highest PCR proportion in the tube packaging industry. The tubes can be recycled in the PE container stream due to the high proportion of HDPE.
Not only do our recycled tubes save plastic but they also contribute to the circular economy. Moreover, the material is suitable for use with cosmetic products.

PICEA™ Wood Tubes

With our wooden tubes, we offer you a high-quality packaging solution to highlight the natural and sustainable aspects of your product. More than 95% of the materials used for PICEA™ wood tubes come from renewable resources, 10% being spruce wood and 85% being sugarcane-based.

Polyfoil® Tubes

The Polyfoil® tube is a laminate tube with an aluminum barrier that protects against light, air, and water vapor diffusion, substance migration, and can maintain its shape while being printed on all sides.

Sugarcane Tubes

The sugarcane tubes (or bioplastic tubes) are a highly environmentally friendly type of tube packaging and therefore particularly suitable for your natural and cosmetic products. The carbon footprint of a sugarcane tube is approximately 50% better than that of a conventional PE tube.

Eco-Stripped Tubes

Getting rid of all excessive material was our goal at developing the Eco-Stripped Tube. Reduced wall thickness with a minimal design of the shoulder and cap saves up to 30% virgin material by driving your brand towards sustainability.

Go green with our award winning and patented MMB tube technology

Neopac’s Polyfoil® MMB mono-material barrier tube took top honors in the ETMA Awards Prototypes category

The Original

Invented in 1965 and still the number one today amongst the barrier tubes, our Polyfoil® tube is a specially made laminate tube or aluminium barrier tube (ABL) with unique properties; it reliably protects products against light, air and water vapor diffusion and substance migration.

Moreover, it keeps its shape and can be printed on all around thanks to its invisible longitudinal seam.

Packaging tubes differ fundamentally in the material they are made from, the manufacturing process, its ability to protect and its appearance:

Polyfoil® tubes are the best laminate tubes. They are produced in a clean room and are coated with an original patented technology containing plastic. All materials are food or pharma certified and are processed with low-migration colours and varnishes. The tubes therefore combine protection and beauty for the product in a unique way, as well as convenience for the consumer. This brand is protected by Neopac worldwide.

Aluminium tubes are made exclusively of aluminium, which includes the hull, the shoulder and the head. As a result, they provide the great protection to your product.

Laminate tubes consist of various layers and have strong barrier properties. We distinguish these as aluminium-barrier laminate (ABL tubes) and plastic barrier laminate (PBL tubes). Each pre-printed laminate is welded to a tube.

COEX tubes are co-extruded tubes made of polyethylene with an EVOH barrier layer, which is printed all over. The have a high restoring force and look brilliant when in use.

PE tubes are extruded tubes made of polyethylene, which is printed all around. The barrier properties are low, on the other hand they are suitable for recycling since they are made from mono-material.

IML tubes are usually made of polypropylene and are produced through the injection moulding process (in-mould labelling). Printed foil is placed into the machine and moulded.

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Tubes at the highest level

Packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and dental industries must satisfy the most stringent of requirements in terms of hygiene and safety as well as aesthetics plus ease of use.

Neopac is a leading packaging manufacturer of Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes for 1 – 300 ml capacities with production sites in Switzerland, Hungary, in the US and in India.

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Recycling-friendly design

Tubes from mono-materials such as PE and PP are generally recyclable, if the cap is of the same material as the tube body.

However, in many countries, the fitting recycling stream is still not available to consumers. The majority of empty tubes are energy recovered or end up in landfills.

The challenge is even greater for multi-layer tubes containing aluminum, like standard Polyfoil®tubes.

In Europe, composite materials are not yet collected separately, and due to its barrier layer, the tubes end up in the aluminum stream.


That is why we have developed a new, patented barrier tube series, the thin-walled Polyfoil MMB tube. It complies with all pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics regulations, is ready for recycling in the PE or PP stream, has a high barrier and is also available with post-consumer recycled material on request.

There are also no compromises when it comes to decoration: Printable all round, coloured as desired and with a gloss, soft-touch or metallic finish.

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