APET, rPET, APET/PE, APET/EVOH/PE, thermoformable films for trays

Thermoformed food packaging plus laminations and coatings for Fresh food packaging.

Food and General Packaging

Standard Films

– APET optional coatings

– rPET (up to 80% PCR)

– APET co-extrusions

– PET / PE & PET / EVOH  BARRIER LAMINATES food and MAP packaging.

– PVC/PE and PVC / PE / EVOH / PE BARRIER LAMINATES for portion packs and food packaging.


All laminations are done ‘in-line’ during the extrusion or calendaring process for cost effectiveness.

Possible laminates are POLYETHYLENE (PE) and PE / EVOH / PE for barrier applications.


To complete the most comprehensive range of PET films on the market, we can also offer the following coatings on request:

– Anti-static.

– Anti- fog.

– Anti-block (silicone one side or double sided as well as internal anti-block)

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Fresh Food Packaging

We can also provide the right product for Food to Go manufacturers with APET Grade (Microwaveable Stable) range of heat stabilized, and modified PET films.

Compatible with high barrier lidding films for longer shelf life.

APET Grade (Microwaveable Stable) is offered in clear or colors and can be part of the PET recycling stream and offers:

– Ready formability on Production lines.

– Microwave-safe and heat-stable to 110C, which meets most needs for Food to Go requirements for quick microwave warm-up times.

– An economical alternative to CPET.

Our suppliers use Post-Consumer PET bottles for sustainable future to produce 100% rPET sheet with co-extrusion technology.


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Post-consumer recycled PET

rPET-based films for the thermoformed-packaging market.

Key Benefits

  • 100% PCR raw material used
  • Safe and secure thanks to the co-extrusion production line
  • Excellent transparency and surface gloss
  • Excellent vacuum formability
  • Sustainable solution that is recyclable
  • Various surface coatings are available
    – Anti Fog, Anti Static. Anti Blocking
  • In-Line PE, EVOH Lamination Available


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Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate

  • 100% recycled PET sheets can be produced by recycling PET bottles
    • Recycled sheets for food packaging with multi layer(Virgin/Recycle/Virgin )
    • In-line coating, laminating, slitting line

Key Benefits

  • Excellent transparency and surface gloss
  • Excellent barrier performance preserves the taste and aroma of food
  • Excellent vacuum formability
  • Sustainable solution that is recyclable
  • In-Line PE, EVOH Lamination Available
  • Various surface coatings are available
    – Anti Fog, Anti Static
    – Anti Blocking
  • Anti Block Option Available
    – Silicon Coating single-sided or double-sided
    – Special anti-block for higher transparency

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