BOPP roll fed bottle label films. BOPP films for self-adhesive labels

National Resources can provide a range of Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, which are ideal for bottle labelling and have advantages over other plastics:

  • its adaptability. Other films will struggle to compete with decreased shrinkage, increased stiffness, opacity, adhesiveness, and barrier qualities.
  • printing and eco-friendliness of BOPP films are unmatched. Labels appear more vibrant, colors deeper
  • it has many advantages over other label materials, like paper and vinyl. BOPP has a long shelf life, which means it will last longer than other labels.

BOPP can be used in any type of container, whether plastic or metal. Flexible and very thin, BOPP labels stick well to any container, and BOPP labels are water and oil and scratch resistant

Unlike paper labels, BOPP stands up to water, oil, and chemicals. Plastic is also more durable and stronger than paper. So, a BOPP label resists tears and scratches better than paper does.

OPLAR films

These products include various grades such as non-sealable, sealable, metallized, metallized, matte finish, pearlized, white, speciality coatings and many others.

As an example, SPW A04 grade is Sealable Caviated Pearlised BOPP film with one side heat sealable layer for wrap around label applications.

Product Description

OPLAR – SPW A04 grade is Sealable Caviated Pearlised BOPP film with one side heat sealable layer for wrap around label applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Good slip and antistatic properties
  • Good flatness
  • High gloss on outer surface
  • Roll fed wrap around labels
  • Beverage, dairy, household, detergents, and cosmetics

Product Specification

Product Code 47
Brand SRF
OTR 1900 cc/m2/day (ASTM D 3985)
Yield 32.2
Grammage 31.0 g/m2 (ASTM D 1505)
Density 0.66 g/cc (Internal)
Transmittance 24 % (ASTM D 1003)
Tensile Strength MD 700 kg/cm2 (ASTM D 882)
Coefficient Of Friction UT 0.35 Kinetic (ASTM D 1894)
Gloss 70 (45 Degree) (ASTM D 2457)
WVTR 5 g/m2/day (ASTM F 1249)
Treatment Level TI And TO 38 dyne/cm (ASTM D 2578)
Heat Seal Range UT 110-145 Degree c (Internal)
Tensile Elongation MD 140 % (ASTM D 882)
Tensile Strength TD 1500 kg/cm2 (ASTM D 882)
Nominal Thickness 47 Micron (Internal)
Tensile Elongation TD 40 % (ASTM D 882)
Elastic Modulus MD 8000 kg/cm2 (ASTM D 882)
Shrinkage TD 2 % (Internal)
Shrinkage MD 4 % (Internal)
Elastic Modulus TD 18000 kg/cm2 (ASTM D 882)
Heat seal Strength UT 200 g/25mm (130 Degree C/2 Bar/1 Sec)


Committed to a Circular Economy

The ‘3R’ approach – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – is fundamental to SRF Film’s operations, and their R&D and innovation practices are focused on offering sustainable products that foster a “Circular Economy”. For more details download their Sustainability Report below.

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