EcoPressoLid – Compostable material for closing Nespresso* compatible capsules

Compostable and biobased material, designed for use on coffee capsules, both for closing the upper or the lower side of them.

Features and Benefits

  • Certified as suitable for food contact
  • Compostability certification
  • Developed in collaboration with selected capsules producers
  • Suitable for running on different equipment for closing of coffee capsules
  • Material for Closing of Nespresso (*) Compatible Capsules

Tech Specs

  • Structure
    • Barrier paper / fiber sealant
  • Barrier properties
    • High oxygen barrier
  • Lamination
    • Yes
  • Printability
    • No
  • Recyclability
    • Designed to be compostable. Compostable product according to DIN 13432
  • Optical properties
    • One site heal sealable
  • Filling process
    • Ambient

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