High barrier medical packaging films for devices

Sheets for medical device trays

TekniMD™ PX and TekniMD™ PX MED co-polyester sheet, PETG sheet, PET MTS sheet and laminate film structures with EVOH, COC, Aclar® and other available polymers

With our US-based partner Techni-Plex, we can offer a diverse array of innovative materials science solutions to the global marketplace. We can do this with the support of their world-class team of materials scientists and engineers who provide custom-tailored solutions for medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and diagnostics, that focus on the desired patient outcome at the point of care.

Harnessing the power of world-class materials science. Techni-Plex have a global team of experts pushing the boundaries of what is possible, leading the way in innovation, sustainability and safety.

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