Lacquered & Coex lid foils suitable for yoghurts & pates/dips

The more environmentally friendly lids


EcoPeelCover is  fully recyclable and has high barrier properties, thus it can be used in various application areas.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy peel coating
    • Perfect performance on several packaging lines
    • Pleasant and consistent opening behavior
    • Good seal through properties
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Sealing temperature 200-280 °C
  • Sealing to PP, PE and Carton/PE cups
  • Standard embossing, edge embossing and unembossed version possible
  • Available for all standard die cut lids


What makes EcoPeelCover special?

  • 50% less coating layer compared to standard coextrusion coatings
  • Solvent free specification in combination with UV-Flexo printing
  • Potential carbon footprint reduction due to:
    • Less material used by downgauging
    • Less transporting weight
    • Sourcing of Low Carbon Aluminum depending on specific alloys on demand
  • Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certified aluminum available on demand

Tech Specs

  • Structure:
    • Primer/Alu/CoEx
  • Printability:
    • Yes
  • Optical properties:
    • Non-transparent material
  • Filling process:
    • Ambient, Hot filling, Aseptic


Dairy, cream cheese, butter, dips, yoghurt, margarines, spreads and dressing.


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