Frugi: Packaging foil for stick packs

FRUGI – The cost-efficient stick pack

 In today’s “on the go” culture, stick packs are also becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical preparations in powder, granulate, and paste form can be packaged in a user-friendly, single-dose format and are optimally protected against moisture, oxygen, and light.

Stick packs are not only convenient for your customers but also offer benefits to your company in the form of sustainability and cost efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • 40% less packaging material compared to sachets
  • Customized solutions for high chemical resistance or high-output packaging lines
  • Opening aid can be adapted as needed i.e. Child-resistant/senior-friendly features via APERTA or LUX
  • Convenient on the go use
  • Protection against moisture, oxygen, and light

Tech Specs



Barrier protection

Very good barrier to both waste vapor and oxygen

WVTR(38℃, 90% RH)

<0.05g/ (m2∙day) for ALU 9µ & <0.001g/ (m2∙day) for ALU 15µ and above

OTR (23°, 50%RH)

<0.05g/(cm3∙day) for ALU 9µ & <0.005g / (cm3∙day) for ALU 15µ and above


Extrusion/solvent based adhesive


Printable by rotogravure, flexo, digital: Reverse and Face side.


Not recyclable


Available in white & gloss or matt versions

Thermal resistance

Superior thermal resistance of outer surface, one side heat sealable


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