SANZIP Plastic re-closable zippers for pouches, Mono-material PE & PP, we have a zipper to suit your application

A portfolio consists of over 100 zipper grades which support a wide variety of applications.

With more than 30 years experience of packaging supply and production, our global partner C.I. TAKIRON are the leading re-closable zipper manufacturer in Japan.

Their brand SANZIP is used throughout the world and is respected for its high quality and unique performance characteristics. Our customers generally include pouch and bag manufacturers along with packers with auto pouch/bag filling lines (F/F/S).

They offer a range of seal strengths, dry & wet, granular applications, including

  • Sanzip zipper grade MX11F- 11mm
  • Sanzip zipper grade MXL-13TK – 13mm
  • Sanzip zipper grade BO-11TK – 11mm (Bio-degradable zipper)

Easy to open and close

Their designs enables the user to open and close the SANZIP zippers with ease whilst maintaining a strong holding force from the inside. Their zippers undergo stringent quality inspections throughout their manufacturing process to ensure that uniform standards for easy opening are maintained. With outstanding compatibility with a wide variety of packaging machines, their zippers provide a constant opening performance for stand up, and flat bottom pouches to enable an easy filling process.

Internal strength

SANZIP zippers feature a strong internal holding force to prevent opening due to pressure from within the pouch. The pouch contents are protected from external pressure and a secure seal is maintained during the filling process. The zipper maintains a strong holding force even after repeated openings.

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Eco Zipper Grade


SANZIP has the biodegradable zipper made from biodegradable materials.
Reduces CO2 emissions when disposed and incinerated, and helps to reduce the impact on global warming and the reduction of CO2.


The Mono-material plastic products are getting more important, because it suits for recycling.

They provide all polyethylene basis zippers for eco-friendly pouches.


Sanzip provide biodegradable and compostable zippers that authorized as “OK compost INDUSTRIAL”.
That is a certification as a packaging or products guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant by TUV Austria.

The “OK compost” INDUSTRIAL logo complies with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive ( 94/62/EEC), and supports the industry shift to a circular economy.

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EasySeal Zipper Grade

Sanzip manufacture multilayer zippers which enable our customers to use lower temperatures and ‘easy crush’ on the side seal.

The easy seal makes it possible to greatly reduce side-seal cracks which results in an improved finish to meet the high quality demands of our customers.

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MultiSeal Zipper Grade

The multi seal grade created from Sanzip’s high co-exclusion technology offers excellent sealing characteristics.

Rather than using two different zippers to seal both polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), you can use just one single zipper that will seal to both materials.

The innovative seal characteristics provide an easy seal combined with an excellent appearance.

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Air and WaterTight Zipper Grades

The Sanzip portfolio includes SANZIP air and watertight zipper grades.

Through their unique design, they have the technology to produce a high grade extrusion zipper with a tight-seal and excellent performance.

Their grades are also traditionally used in the packaging of bedding, as well as pouches to store food products.

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Heat Resistant Zipper Grades

SANZIP manufacture a high-technology zipper that boasts superlative heat resistance and seal performance on both polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) materials.

This specification is able to withstand high temperatures due to the high level holding force from the inside.

Their heat resistance zippers are suited to conditions such as boiling to high- retort / microwaveable situations.

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Powder Zipper Grade

The SANZIP range includes zippers for containing powders such as cocoa and flour.

Their innovative design allows for the powder to be easily removed from the zipper to ensure an effective and smooth closing action.

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String Zipper Grade

The SANZIP string zipper is manufactured without flanges and therefore ideal for side-seal bags, enabling the low cost production of zipper bags.

Polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) suited zippers can be supplied in either a natural, or coloured finishes as requested.

A secure and attractive seal is achievable with our string zippers to enable a beautiful finish to your pouch or bag

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Standard Zipper Grade

The Standard zipper can be used for packing a wide range of products from food to pharmaceutical/medical products.

This product offers superb compatibility with ‘form fill seal’ (F/F/S) packing machines and pouch/bag conversion machinery to produce pre-made pouches or bags.

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For Innovative Packaging

Sanzip zippers are perfectly aligned with consumer trends, providing brands, converters and manufacturers with the ability to create highly innovative convenient packaging.

SANZIP reclosable zippers-creating opportunities.

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