PVC, PP metabolic fluid bags for medical fluids and PVC & silicone tubing

Fully autoclavable PVC and PP flexible bags for the conservation of Large Volume Parenterals (LVPs) and injectables

SIFLEX PACK® PVC bags and MAGIFLEX®BAGs which are PVC-FREE flexible bags,  have excellent chemical, physical and biological properties which make them particularly suitable for the conservation of a huge variety of Large Volume Parenterals (LVPs) and injectables.

They are both fully autoclavable at 121°C, sizes range from 50 ml up to 6,0L and can be supplied with or without print, equipped with one or two tubes, with or without pre-assembled closures.

MAGIFLEX®BAGs are also now available also e-beam irradiated for those injectable drugs that cannot be ultimately sterilized (i.e. steam autoclaved) and, because of that, must undergo aseptic filling operations.

A special type of high gas barrier bag is also available for vitamins and special antibiotics in injectable form.


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