Sheet, Coil, Plate & Treadplate, Mill finish, PVDF Pre-Coated

For more than 20 years, National Resources have built long term relationships with a global network of suppliers servicing the Australian & New Zealand metal distribution market with a range of high quality aluminium rolled products including sheet, tread plate, coil, foil and plate products that we can offer with a wide range of sizes & finishes.

Given our broad range of sourcing options from hi-quality, independent mills predominately located in Asia &  Europe ; we can assist with those niche or specialized products which are often difficult to source

Broadly speaking, our Metals market offer is split into two areas of supply:

  • Generic Aluminium rolled product held in stock in Australia and available for sale to our Distributor clients.
  • Full range of products we supply into the Australian & New Zealand market via Distributors and large OEM’s using cost effective “indent” shipment options.

Our comprehensive stocks include the following. Please contact us for our stocklists outlining the range in more detail :

  • 5052 “O” 5 Bar Tread plate
  • 3003 H22/H24 Propeller/Bright Tread plate
  • 5005 H34 Mill Finish Sheet
  • 5052 H32 Mill Finish Sheet
  • 5083 H116/321 Plate, DNV and non DNV

Our Indent supply includes the following

  • 5005 & 5052 series sheet/plate/treadplate up to 2000mm wide
  • 5052 & 3003 treadplate up to 2000 mm wide
  • 5083 plate up to 2400 mm wide (DNV & non DNV)
  • Transport Quality along with Polished High Lustre 5XXX series sheet/plate
  • Aluminium Circles in 1XXX & 3XXX series
  • Slit Coil in 1XXX, 3XXX & 5XXX series Alloys
  • Painted Sheet & Coils
  • Powder Coated Tread Plates
  • Aluminium Composite panels for signage applications

Surface finish condition is one of the key attributes of Aluminium, and these can be broadly defined as follows;

Mill Finish

The default position for most Aluminium rolled product is a cold rolled or hot rolled surface (thickness dependant) as produced by the manufacturer…or typically known as mill finish. We spend a lot of time & effort with our overseas manufacturers ensuring that the surface finish & shape condition we supply is first class and meets the exacting expectations of our market.

Coated products/Pre-treated

For architectural applications we offer a a range of  PVDF, HDPE & PEcoatings which are factory-applied,  and support a wide range of  gloss levels & colours. They are most commonly used for architectural applications due to their superior resistance to weathering by sunlight, moisture, or temperature. Aluminium wall cladding, curtain wall, and roofing sheet are some other common applications for PVDF & HDPE coatings.

In addition to painted coatings, we can also offer a standard range of highly durable/ high corrosion resistant pre-anodised sheet from the manufacturer and/or anodised quality sheet suitable for anodising locally in the colour of your choice.

Mechanical Finishing

A polished finish being achieved via a mechanically abrasive process gives the aluminium surface a brushed or bright finish. However, while polishing produces a bright finished surface, linishing produces a matt finish for improved adhesion and/or reduced reflectivity and it can also remove blemishes from the surface if present. Different grades of finishing can be achieved by using different coarseness of media/grit.

Furthermore, in line with a global push for providing more “green” raw material supply options, many of our suppliers are now well down the path to achieving industry leading environmental & sustainability targets. Please contact us so we can discuss respective supplier’s “green credentials”.


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Aluminium Sheet

Our plain aluminium sheet is available in 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, and 6xxx alloys and can be  cut to lengths between 1,000 and 6,000mm (longer on request).

Thicknesses between 0.25 and 4 .0mm and widths between 500 and 2000 mm can be specified.

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Aluminium Coil

Our cold-rolled plain aluminium coils have bright and uniform surface finishes and can be customized to your specifications and typically tension levelled up to 3.0 mm thick for improved shape and flatness.

They are available in the following alloy series: 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, and 8xxx

Coil thickness can be specified between 0.25 and 3.0mm and width between 500 and 2000mm. For specialised transport applications we can also supply Ultra-Wide Transport Roofing Coil up to 2550 mm wide in gauges up to 1.60 mm thick

A key part of our coil market offer is a product National Resources have been a leader in for decades in this market – Aluminium Fin Stock. This product range is typically supplied in the range of gauges between 0.12 mm & 0.30 mm thick in customised widths to suit the end users application. Our Fin-Stock range can be supplied in cost effect mill finish as well as corrosion resistant coatings in range of Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic options.

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Aluminium Plate

Aluminium plate is routinely supplied in gauges above 4.0 mm thick across the full 5XXX & 6XXX series alloys with Alloys 5083 & 6061 being  prominent in our market for applications requiring higher strengths/mechanical properties.

We have worked closely with clients and suppliers over the last few years to develop customer specific 5083 H111 options, that combines the high strength of 5083 with improved mechanical properties for better fabrication outcomes.

Its excellent corrosion resistance makes 5083 aluminium plate widely used in transport & marine applications as well as other general engineering applications. Alloy 5083 plate can be sourced in a range of Tempers and up to 2600 mm wide in certain gauges.

Furthermore  Alloy 6061  is available in a range of sheet & plate out of mills we source from Europe, Taiwan& China; for multiple high strength end use applications.

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Aluminium Treadplate

Whilst treadplate was originally created with anti-slip properties in mind, in recent years it has become a popular choice for a range of end use applications where the aesthetics are equally important. To meet this demand we have world class supply options out of China, Greece & Austria capable of meeting a full range of functional and aesthetic requirements.

Treadplate for this market is generally supplied in Alloy 5052 O 5 bar patterns as well as a high lustre Alloy 3003 H22 in a Bright Propellor pattern. For severe slip resistance we offer the Top Grip product out of Austria.

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Mingtai Aluminum Group

Specializing in the production of high quality of aluminum sheet, coil, angle and barpipe.

They have an excellent team who focus on product development & design and quality control.

The company runs on the following business principles:

  • High Quality Products to win the market;
  • Competitive Price to attract customers;
  • Excellent Service to gain reputation;


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