PET-G shrink wine capsule films

The perfect seal for wine bottles

National Resources is able to offer high quality PET-G shrink wine capsule films, which together with wine labels offer a final touch to make each bottle of wine personalized and importantly can guarantee the integrity of the cork and therefore the perfect preservation of thewine in the bottle.

They are a safety seal for the product: the capsule is open or removed, meaning that the wine has already been opened and they serve to avoid the excessive passage of air between the contents of the bottle and the external environment.

PET-G is the ideal solution for bottling as it is a recyclable and compostable option that offers complete sealing and protection of the wine seal..

Features and Benefits of PET-G Shrink wine capsule films

  • excellent physical and mechanical properties
  • it is recyclable
  • it can be laminated or painted
  • strong thermal stability
  • suitable for all types of customization
  • it is odorless and non-toxic
  • low shrinkage rate and thermal stability
  • high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility
  • high chemical resistance

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