Sparkling wine and champagne closures

Galvanized steel “Muselet” wires and tin plate “Muselet” caps for champagne or wine bottles

We can supply muselets, which are made up of essentially three parts::

  • A lower ring (ceinture) made in soft galvanised wire that is sometimes lacquered,

  • The body or cage itself, consisting of four separate wires (the legs) and a top in soft galvanised wire, sometimes lacquered,

  • A metal circular cap (plaque) in electrolytic tinplate, varnished and litho-printed or varnished and embossed

While the plaques, when printed,  often look beautiful, they also have a very specific purpose in balancing the pressure between the cage and the cork to ensure the contents of the bottle are not spilled or exposed to air.

Fine wine and champagne deserves the highest quality closures to ensure the contents of the bottles is well preserved

Product Introduction

  • Application: For muselets (wire cage) of champagne or wine
  • Diameter: 0.95mm & 1.00mm
  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Tensile strength: 300-480N/mm2
  • Zinc coating: min 30g/m2
  • Elongation:min 20%
  • Packing: in carton drum



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