EdgePull®: Easy-to-open, tamper evident closure liners

Innovative products providing tamper evidence

Edge Pull® and Simply Tab® Liners

Easy open, tamper evident with superior leak protection

EdgePull® and Simply Tab® liners strike the perfect balance between easy removal, with low peel force and superior leak protection for a wide range of products.

The seals also peel cleanly, which means no adhesive residue/strings to contaminate the contents after opening. This tamper-evident, induction seal liner line has been developed to provide food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty aids and personal care products with protection and easy-opening functionality advantages.

Further, the pull tab is designed with enhanced strength to resist delamination from the rest of the structure when removed by consumers. The liners are typically used with closures ranging from 28 to 63 mm and are ideal for a wide range of narrow- and wide-mouthed containers that benefit from a tamper-evident device.

Customers will benefit from the excellent product performance characteristics of Edge Pull® liners. The structural enhancements will make it easier for consumers to access a wide variety of beverage and food products,”

These easy-to-open, tabbed liners are designed to be simple to remove, while strong enough to protect your product. Edge Pull® is available in half-moon and offset tab configurations, while Simply Tab® features a dual tab design.
These lining solutions are compatible with most container materials, making them ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic applications

Thicker tabs for easy opening

Constructed with a tab that’s easy to grip and a strong bond between the tab and liner, these liners peel away easily, without delaminating when pulled.

Three distinct tab configurations

When comparing the three distinct tab configurations, most consumers prefer the offset and dual tab options.

When it comes to liners in product packaging, finding the balance between a strong, protective seal and an easy-to-open consumer experience can be a challenge. Edge Pull® and Simply Tab® tabbed lining solutions are engineered to address both. And, with three distinct tab configurations, brands have more options to provide packaging that protects products and enhances the consumer experience.

In order to determine the right tabbed liner for your specific application, let’s explore the three tab configurations that are available:

Simply Tab®

Our most popular Simply Tab® Liner features two tabs instead of one, providing the opportunity for a more secure, tighter grip and an easier pull – which is particularly important on larger product containers.


The Offset tab configuration features a single tab that adheres just off-center, providing leverage when pulled in the short side direction. This is a popular style for nutraceutical applications and other more.


The conventional Half-Moon configuration features a single tab that is bound in the middle. This option is well recognized for delivering trusted product security and familiar ease of use.

Giving brands a competitive edge

Participants in a consumer trial found Edge Pull liners to be preferable over other tabbed liners. Edge Pull® and Simply Tab® liners enable a better consumer experience across multiple markets.

Features and benefits:

  • Thick, durable tab enables ease of grip
  • Half-moon, offset, and dual tab configurations available
  • Printed use instructions enable hassle-free experience
  • Induction heat seal provides superior leak protection
  • Compatible with PET, PE, glass, and PP containers
  • Unprinted and custom print options available
  • Tamper resistance and contamination prevention

Edge Pull® PPE has been engineered for use with polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) containers typically used for dairy, nutraceuticals and other liquids.

Edge Pull® Universal targets packaging operations that use multiple bottle types (PE, PP, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate) and desire one liner material that can be used across all product applications to better manage inventory and cost.

Both induction seal materials feature a multilayer structure, including a proprietary heat-seal formulation for optimum performance. The induction seal pull tab also is printed with arrows indicating to the consumer in which direction to pull to facilitate an easy removal.

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