Liners for closures on plastic & glass nutraceutical bottles

Putting it all on the liner

Closure liners and seals perform critical packaging functions that are essential to product protection and consumer satisfaction – from tamper evidence, to safety, to freshness – liners cover it all.

Lining up the benefits

Closure liners and seals are integral to the success of product packaging, providing essential functions like gasketing for child-resistant closures and oxygen barriers for improved product freshness.

  • Superior Product Protection: Strong seals and gasketing features minimize the risks of leaks, spills, and contamination
  • Extend Shelf Life: Oxygen barriers seal in freshness and protect against spoilage, reducing product waste
  • Enhance Safety: Tamper-evident seals and liners used in child-resistant closures ensure products are safely contained
  • Differentiate Your Brand: Customization options enable brands to stand out under the cap, with space to add branding and usage instructions

Next generation, innovative closure liner solutions

With our extensive lamination and extrusion processes, we can help you solve your toughest packaging challenges. Choose from a a broad range of closure liners, lidding and healthcare packaging in a variety of materials ranging from a one-piece induction seal to nine-layer extrusions and laminations.

Our liners feature: 

  • Trouble-free performance. Tekni-Plex closure liners are highly compressible which reduces closure back off and makes up for bottle finish variations.
  • Customized liner construction, with several resin options available. Liners can be tailored in thickness, density and resilience.

We are also able to offer the following high specification materials from Tekni-Plex:

  • Our standard re-seal liner material from Tekni-Plex is Tri-Seal F217, which is a co-extruded three-layer construction to provide solid polyethylene surfaces around an expanded polyethylene core. This gives the material far superior performance to single layer expanded polyethylene liners.
  • Multi-layer foil backed liners, Tri-Foil® WP F-217® HY, which are a clear PET film bonded to a white LDPE film bonded to aluminum foil bonded to three-ply co-extruded F-217® HY liner. (Data Sheet downloadable here)
  • Enhancing full recyclability, Tekni-Plex is committed to designing for mono-material packaging solutions with customers to encourage higher recyclability rates, such as Tri-Seal PP / F 948 100% polypropylene (PP) coextruded foam structure. An ideal solution for PP closures on jars, bottles, and containers.
  • Extremely high barrier materials: white plastic exterior appearance with an internal foil layer to give near zero MVTR (Tri-Foil)
  • Co-extruded high barrier materials for juices and beers that require ultimate barrier protection towards CO2 loss and O2 ingress without utilizing foil (Tri-Shield EVA).
  • One or two piece induction heat seal materials for peelable or welded seals to PE, PP, PET, PVC or glass. Single or multi-use applications, wet or dry products. (Tri-Gard). HS035 IHS materials, suitable for use with metal caps and closures, available as cut discs or tape.
  • Addtionally, the Tekni-Plex foam product line also offers enhanced barrier film construction to address specific product requirements

These products include multi-layer foil, film, barrier and paper structures for child-resistant, non-child-resistant, peelable or retortable pouches, and lidding.

Their closure liners can be found on millions of items throughout the world, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household/ industrial and agri-chemical products. Tri-Seal’s global manufacturing footprint in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia enables them to support brand owner needs around the world by providing the right solution.

Meeting the needs for your emerging pharmaceutical requirements

Continuous investment in research and development and a determined focus on innovations has led to smarter, sustainable, and safer material structures, dispensing and tubing products and technologies.

Our broad range of products include:

  • sterilizable packaging substrates (thermoformable medical tray films, coated and uncoated Tyvek®, heat- and cold-seal coated paper and films, medical grade laminates, die-cut lids, labels and cleanroom bags)
  • pharma blister films and foil, film and paper laminates, unit- and multi-dose containers

TekniPlex provides quality flexible packaging to hold and protect market-leading healthcare and personal care products world-wide.

Barrier Protection and Seal Integrity

These products include multi-layer foil, film, barrier and paper structures for child-resistant, non-child-resistant, peelable or retortable pouches and lidding. We have the capability and flexibility to deliver upon your requirements: large, small, or in between.

TekniPlex has a proud history of over eight decades of demonstrated quality, service, and performance coupled with a commitment to product development and investment to meet today and tomorrow’s packaging needs.

TekniPlex invented F 217, for coextruded closure liner material used in a variety of pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. TekniPlex is also a leader in pressure-sensitive closure liners, as well as a leading producer of tamper-evident and peelable induction-seal closure liners.

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ProTecSeals®: PP Foam Closure Liners

Achieve up to 100% Acceptance into the Recycling Stream* with ProTecSeals®

ProTecSeals® polypropylene (PP) foam closure liners from TekniPlex enable up to 100% acceptance into the recycle stream* –protecting your brand and the environment.

TekniPlex’s innovative PP foam liners are designed to work in concert with PP closures to improve recycle stream reclamation. Liners made from the same base polymer as the closure will enhance the ability of the materials recovery facility (MRF) to correctly identify and divert the liner/closure combination for reprocessing into next generation materials.

ProTecSeals® lining material offers a potentially fully-recyclable solution* when used with a PP closure. When the closure is discarded with the lining material, the MRFs    are able to detect the lining material as PP, enabling the closure and liner to be fully recyclable into the PP stream*.

Features and Benefits

• Improved recycling capabilities due to “one-material” identification by MRF during NIR sorting. Foam liner NIR identification has been verified by an independent third-party lab.
• PP structures can be used as a primary or a backing liner.
• Proprietary technology creates liners for demanding softness, compression, and leak
performance standards.
• Customers can return liner rolls to TekniPlex to be repalletized. Repelletized PP resin is reused PP in the core layer. PP liner/closures meet EU 2030 recyclability regulations, without requiring consumers to remove liners before recycling.
• When used in conjunction with an induction liner, the PP liner can provide temperature resistance and torque retention due to its higher melting temperature.

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F-217 Foam Closure Liners

Minimize Leaks and Ensure Product Integrity

The key to preventing leaks and ensuring product protection? A reliable foam liner.

As the inventors of the industry-standard F-217 closure liner, we know what it takes to engineer foam-based liners that deliver on critical performance attributes for any application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide range of foam densities to meet performance objectives
  • Polyolefin foam options:
    • LDPE
    • HDPE
    • LDPE/EVA
    • PP
  • Compatible with PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, glass, aluminum, and steel containers
  • Thickness: 20 – 125 mils
  • Smoother liner surfaces for improved sealing
  • Standard or custom message printing
  • Modest O2 and moisture barrier
  • Leak prevention
  • Sustainable options
  • Vented liner options

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Sniff Seal Closure Liners

Scent permeation for product differentiation. Sniff Seal® technology is an ideal way for the consumer to experience a scent/aroma in the retail aisle without compromising the seal or the product contents.

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Peel n Pour™ Liners

Designed for containers of liquids, powders, flaky products, and oral solid dose items requiring flow control,  reducing wasted product

For health and beauty items like cosmetic serums and essential oils, a little goes a long way. Dispensing too quickly can result in costly messes and wasted product.

An alternative to conventional plastic press-in orifice reducers, these dispensing liners with a convenient peel-tab design developed by TekniPlex Consumer Products simplify dosing for a variety of liquid, powder, and solid products. The Peel n Pour product offers strong induction seals to prevent product leaks and custom orifice sizes to reduce product flow by as much or as little as a brand owner specifies. The fully customizable peel-tabs allow for easy removal while maintaining tamper-evidence and preventing product spoilage.

Peel n Pour liners offer weight savings to cut down on shipping costs and provide a solution for brands looking to simplify their packaging designs.

Features and benefits:
• Strong induction seal prevents leaks and protects
product integrity
• Fully customizable liners and peel-tabs
• Simplify sourcing demands
• Reduce weight and production costs
• Sealing capabilities for all bottle types, including HDPE, PP,
PET, and glass containers
• Printed liners are available for enhanced brand aesthetics


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Heat Seal Liners for Glass Containers

A new line of one-piece heat induction seals for glass containers.

The company’s Glass Seal solutions offer brand owners heightened aesthetics and leak protection for products housed in glass jars and bottles, which are increasingly recognized as among the most sustainable, renewable packaging options.

Our Glass Seal liners can help differentiate a wide variety of products in glass containers – everything from moisturizers and beauty creams to vitamins and more. Available in foam-backed and paperboard-backed options, the liners peel away cleanly, leaving no residue on the rim. Tamper-evident and e-commerce compliant, the liners feature a diverse range of tab design options and can be custom-printed or embossed for additional brand appeal and awareness.

Tamper-evident and e-commerce compliant, the liners feature a diverse range of tab design options and can be custom-printed or embossed for additional brand appeal and awareness.

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Heat Seal Liners

One-piece, paper-backed induction heat seal

In an effort to minimize environmental impact, brands are looking to replace traditional packaging components with alternatives
made from renewable materials. Heat Seal liners from TekniPlex
feature a paperboard backing and minimal aluminum foil to provide the same strong induction seal as conventional liners. Heat Seal offers cost-effective product protection for a range of consumer goods such as nutritional supplements, OTC medications, and dry foods.

Heat Seal Liners
One-piece, paper-backed induction heat seal

Features and Benefits:
• Renewable paperboard backing provides dimensional stability
• Tamper evident leak protection
• Universal induction heat seal for multiple container types
• Available with standard or custom print
• Classified in the same Drug Master File (002518) as polystyrene-backed alternative

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Peel n Pour™ Dispensing Liners

Specially designed to control product flow while preventing leaks

For items like baby oil and other low surface tension products,
controlling the speed of dispensing is critical. TekniPlex’s Peel n Pour™ dispensing liners take the burden of dosage control off consumers through a convenient peel-tab design.
Peel n Pour™ is a revolutionary alternative to standard plastic press-in orifice reducers. Its strong induction seal prevents leaks, while the fully customizable peel-tab reveals a smaller opening to reduce the flow of product. Eliminating the need for plastic orifice reducers also enables companies to simplify sourcing demands and reduce production costs.

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