Sealing solutions for vials-rubber stoppers, alu crimp caps & plastic caps

National Resources’ partnership with Datwyler gives Australian manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and biotech markets access to high-end quality products without compromise for their key components.

We can offer Datwyler’s complete system solutions ensure drug and packaging stability, compatibility, and container closure integrity. Datwyler products are manufactured in the most advanced production environment, including ISO-standard cleanrooms incorporating state-of-the-art automated production cells, fully automated camera inspection, and a unique washing process.

Datwyler delivers the highest level of innovation, quality, and safety in the industry.

All of products are available in ready-for-sterilization (RFS) and ready-to-use (RTU), both in standard bags and Rapid Transfer Port bags. Steam sterilization and gamma irradiation are viable options.

Comprehensive Production Flexibility

The Datwyler range of products and services includes the most innovative elastomer formulations, coatings, aluminium seals, and processing technologies, from coated sealing solutions for sensitive drugs to a unique co-engineering process when needed to work on a suitable solution for our customers’ product development.

Quality and safety without compromise

The immediate contact between packaging and drug product makes it clear: meeting the highest standards of quality is mandatory. The product must be pure, free of contamination, and easy to dispense, even after prolonged storage.

As a result, all components of the vial system meet these standards to make the product safe and effective.

Datwyler’s quality promise to meet its customers’ drug product needs is based on:
– A zero-defect philosophy
– A state-of-the-art manufacturing experience
– Best-in-class manufacturing standards: Advanced or FirstLine


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Sealing Solutions for Vials

Datwyler is the preferred solution partner to global pharmaceutical companies. Its unique range of products and services includes the most innovative elastomer formulations, coatings, aluminum seals, and processing
technologies. Datwyler also offers one of the most extensive product portfolios for vial applications in the
present pharmaceutical and biotech markets worldwide.

Datwyler provides a complete solution which ensures drug and packaging stability and container closure
integrity, maximizing the overall product compatibility.

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The company’s solution dedicated to customers looking
for flawless machineability on high speed filling lines.

Features and Benefits

  •  International operations to meet the customers’
    global supply needs
  • Highest quality alloy
    Available in 13 and 20 mm in five standard aluminum colors
  • Center-gated disc for enhanced machinability,
  • Available in 40 standard colors, matte and glossy
  • Optimized design: straight skirt edge (Accurim)
  • Available in standard and flush configurations
  • Camera inspection
  • Low bioburden and particulate levels
  • CCI match with Datwyler’s elastomer products
  • Available in RFS / RTU / Rapid Transfer Port bags

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Sealing Solutions for Cartridges

Datwyler offers the most advanced combiseal solutions to meet the multiple challenges of cartridge closures. In combination with plungers, Datwyler’s rubber-lined aluminum combiseals ensure the system integrity of the cartridge.

– Highest quality materials:
Datwyler’s laminated aluminium combines a high-quality alloy with a protective laminate, giving Datwyler’s customers a higher-quality end product
– A clear reduction in particles:
An overall reduction in particles generated during manufacturing due to the protective lamination
– Less abrasion than standard aluminium seals:
Laminated aluminium provides a protective barrier to external forces, reducing
the risk of abrasion during
manufacturing and handling
– Flawless processability:
A laminated aluminium seal has been proven to run effectively on standard manufacturing lines
– Robust testing:
A full suite of tests has been completed to ensure effectiveness and functionality of the laminated aluminium

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Sealing Solutions for Prefilled Syringes

Offering a range of sizes, Datwyler’s prefilled syringe components are the ideal solution for a variety of therapeutic needs. Datwyler’s prefilled syringe components are compatible with all standard prefilled syringes on the market.

Datwyler has the widest product portfolio and the most experience and knowledge in the industry for prefilled
syringe applications:
– Primary packaging for traditional pharmaceutical and biotech markets
– Compatible with a large variety of parenteral containers available in the market

Plungers for prefilled syringes

Datwyler offers best-in-class packaging solutions for a variety of syringe types and drug classes, including anticoagulant, vaccine, ophthalmic, and biotech solutions

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Putting the design
into Eco-design

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Datwyler Starter Pack

Solutions for small quantity component needs

At Datwyler, they are aware of the challenges that customers are facing in their respective fields. Our StarterPack™ is the ideal service to tackle small quantity component needs.

They developed the StarterPack™ with SCHOTT to provide our customers with a range of compatible primary and secondary packaging components to be used in every drug development application. Ideal for early stage drug development activity.

This initiative from Datwyler enables customers to incorporate high-quality components and commercial packaging solutions into their testing and clinical trial strategy.

This includes diagnostic research, clinical trials, as well as, the product launch. Once the drug product is ready for commercial launch, the quantities can be ramped up.


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